Steve Bullock

Steve Bullock is the two-term Governor and former Attorney General of Montana. Bullock has bridged political divides to win elections and advance a progressive agenda.

He won re-election even as Trump carried Montana by 20 points that same year. Working with a Republican legislature, Bullock expanded Medicaid, froze college tuition, made significant investments in public education, reformed the state’s criminal justice system, and passed one of the most progressive campaign finance laws in the country.

He did this without compromising on our core values. Racking up more vetoes than any Governor in state history, Governor Bullock repeatedly vetoed Republican bills that would have undermined public education, worker rights, civil rights, and our public lands. And he stopped every single attack on a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.

Governor Bullock hasn’t been afraid to stand alone to do what’s right. He was the first Governor in the country to protect net neutrality through executive order. He stood up to Trump’s failed and divisive immigration policies, refusing to give into the fear mongering around refugee families and declaring he wouldn’t send his National Guard soldiers and airmen to the border based on a whim or a tweet.

Governor Bullock is the only candidate who has fought back against the toxic influence of money in politics — and won. As Attorney General, he took this fight all the way to the Supreme Court in the first challenge to Citizens United. As Governor, he passed the strongest campaign disclosure law in the country and signed an executive order requiring state contractors to disclose their election spending. Now, he is suing the Trump Administration to ensure that wealthy donors can’t hide in our elections.

The son of a single mother, Bullock has spent his career working to ensure that every worker, student, and family has a fair shot at success. Before serving in public office, he represented workers as a labor lawyer and personally led a successful citizens initiative to raise the minimum wage. As Governor, he protected the rights of LGBTQ Montanans and passed new laws to preserve Native American language and culture. With Washington divided by partisanship, Governor Bullock has always been able to make progress by bringing people together.

Bullock is a Montana native. He and his wife Lisa still live in his hometown, where they are raising their three children, Caroline, Alex, and Cam.