Photo illustration: a parade of demonstrators carry candidate signs on a city street: 'Cory 2020', 'Julian 2020', 'Kamala Harris for the People', 'Feel the Bern'. In the center, one person carries a large sign with hand-drawn letters in marker: 'Whoever it is, vote for the Democrat in November.'

We can't afford to screw it up this time.

Primary season is heating up. There are many Democrats running, and they have lots of great ideas. Many of us have our preferred candidates. Still, we can’t let that preference overshadow one simple fact: they’re all pretty great! Whether it’s women’s issues, LGBT equality, tackling climate change or just plain appointing someone reasonable to the Supreme Court, literally all of these candidates are excellent, and we need to show up for whichever one is on the ballot come November.

There’s going to be a Democratic primary in 2020. Then there’s going to be a Democratic nominee.

Then in November, you should vote for the Democrat.