Paulette Jordan

A proud member of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Paulette was raised to fight for the needs of her community and to protect the earth’s priceless natural resources. Growing up on a north Idaho farm and learning from her elders about land cultivation and preservation, she developed a strong connection to Idaho’s land and the people who share it. She is recognized in Idaho and across the nation as an inspirational and audacious leader.

In 2008, after graduating from the University of Washington, Paulette returned home to Idaho and became the youngest person elected to the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council.

Paulette went on to work as a business development strategist in the energy sector, in addition to serving as both the Finance Chair and as well as the Secretary of the Executive Board of the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA).

In 2014, feeling compelled to expand beyond her tribe and serve a broader circle of Idahoans, Paulette ran to represent her home district in the Idaho House of Representatives. Despite tough odds, she unseated an incumbent Republican and successfully ran for a second term.

In 2018, Paulette was the Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Idaho, becoming the first woman nominated to the position by a major party in Idaho and the first Native American woman nominated for Governor in US history. More Idahoans cast their votes for Paulette Jordan in 2018 than they had for any Democratic gubernatorial or congressional candidate in Idaho history.

In February 2020, Paulette again answered the call to lead and announced her intent to run for the United States Senate.

Paulette is a mother of two young boys, and resides in Plummer, Idaho.